We don’t like to use the term “advertising,” we are media partners. As a partner we strive to work with you to brand your company, but also expand the market so we all have more customers.

VRC Magazine will reach your current customers, your future customers and everybody else in the world. By becoming a media partner with Velocity RC Magazine you’ll help grow the industry, spark interest in your products and simply be a part of the future.

Our rates for advertising in Velocity RC Magazine are the best around, and the perks of partnering with us will add lots of value. Interested? You should be. Contact Derek@vrcmag.com today and start winning. You can either lead, follow, or get out of the way. We chose to lead.

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Digital Publication Ad Sizes

Spread – 16 x 10.75

Full – 8 x 10.75

Half – 8 x 5.375

Quarter – 4x 5.375
*All ads must be at least 140dpi

Web Banner Ad Sizes

Header – 468 x 90
Vertical – 122 x 504
Feed Middle – 298 x 410

Support VRC – Use these official banners. If you’re part of our Affiliate Program and need a custom size please email us with the dimensions.