Is Velocity RC Magazine a print or digital magazine?
Velocity RC Magazine is a digital-only magazine. At this time there is no print option. Our magazine delivers more content, for less money.

Can I buy a single copy?
Yes, individual copies of VRC Magazine are available for instant download on our website. Pay using PAYPAL checkout and you can own a copy of any issue of the magazine for just $1.99 instantly.

What is the download?
Our download works on any PC/MAC desktops or laptop. When you download the file you simple put it on your computer to access at any time. It does require FLASH and a UNZIP program, which are on most computers.

Can I view the magazine on my Tablet
Yes, when you purchase the download you receive a super NASA-certified secure link to view on your tablet (IPAD/ANDRIOD/PHONE) as an HTML5 program. An Internet connection is required to view on tablets.

Can I save the magazine to my tablet for offline viewing?
At this time we do not offer a tablet specific download, but we are working on it. Check back soon.

Can I pay with my Credit Card?
Yes, you can pay with any credit card using PAYPAL You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. But PayPal does require some verification to use a creditcard. It’s simple.

Can I subscribe?
We currently offer subscriptions using PayPal and it requires you to have a PayPal account. We do accept Credit Cards for subscriptions too, but it will require one extra step on our side. The best thing to do is create a PayPal account. It’s easy, free and convenient.

I didn’t get a download what do I do?
The first thing to do is to make sure you have the following email address in your contacts – This will avoid any missing emails. Check your spam folders for the email. If you still can’t find it simply email with your PayPal email address you paid with and we’ll send another download. Remember the subscription goes to the PayPal email address.

I tried to download a copy to my computer but it said the link expired?
VRC downloads have built in theft protection and the links do expire over time, and have limits the actual amount of times you can download. If you get this message simply request another download and you’ll get a new link with 24hours or sooner.

How do I get new issues when I subscribe?
When a new issue is released we send out an email to all active subscribers via and you simply click the download and enjoy your new issue. We announce release days on our Facebook Page and our website

How many issues will I receive?
Velocity RC Magazine is released every 5 weeks, or 10 times a year.

Do I get all the back issues when I subscribe?
No, when you subscribe you get the newest issue. All back issues are sold separately.

When I try view on my Tablet all I get is a gray screen?
The online link does track some data and requires PRIVATE BROWSING to be turned off. Check your browser settings if this occurs.

I’ve downloaded the magazine on my PC/MAC and it doesn’t load. What’s wrong?
Downloads sometimes get corrupt and don’t work right. Try downloading the file again and make sure to SAVE AS. It is also important on some systems that the file is located on your desktop, or folder in your documents.

Can I change my subscription email address?
Yes, email the transaction ID, email you subscribed with and the new email you want the magazine delivered to.