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Shaft Size Matters

There are two motor shaft sizes used within our hobby; 1/8” and 5mm, with 1/8” being the most common. It really comes down to a strength issue, if your vehicle has massive power and torque and is run in abusive environments...
by Jeff Eveleigh


How To Eat Breakfast With Your RC

Just kidding. We’re working on a super rad waterproofing article for VRC_022. Now you can play with your cars in the bath! Mom would be so proud.
by Jeff Eveleigh


Star Wars Themed RC Body

Come to the dark side with this bitch’n Star Wars theme body. We painted up a Pro-Line Phantom body for our Team Associated B44.3 using xxx main Picture Glue and a Star Wars comic book. Watch our Youtube video, like it, a...
by Jeff Eveleigh



Simple LED Light Install Video

Most will be bitten by the LED light bug at some point during their RC days. You can go crazy with fancy installs and complex wiring; but you don’t have to! VRC_019 features a How-To article covering installation tips for...
by Jeff Eveleigh


Tamiya 419 Quick Touring Video Review

VRC_018 will feature our full review of the Tamiya 419. Touring cars are amazing, freakish machines capable of blistering speeds and face distorting G-force. We tested one of the world’s best and the results were actually...
by Jeff Eveleigh


Three Handed Slipper Setting

A common way of checking your off road slipper setting is to hold both rear tires while punching the throttle on your radio to see how far the nose of your car pops up. Unless you have a third arm, this can prove difficult. A b...
by Jeff Eveleigh