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VRC_016 – Download Now. 132+ Pages of RC. Instant delivery.

Welcome to the newest issue of Velocity RC Cars Magazine. We’re calling this the “M” edition because we got our RC Hooks on both of AE’s latest mid-motor kits, it’s mid summer and we still wear half-shirts to show our...
by Derek Buono


VRC_015 – Digital RC Magazine Download Now–150 pages!

Spring is here. Skunks are stinking up your dogs, trees are turning green, and VRC_015 is ready for instant download. If you don’t believe in love at first sight… well, you’re smart. But we bet that you’ll love the 150 ...
by Derek Buono


VRC_014 – Download Now! Over 130 Pages of Awesome.

We’re all about RC and every issue is proof. The only magazine to value content over advertising is here. We’re two years old and we’re cranking out over 130 pages of RC insanity. Download an issue now. Better yet, get si...
by Derek Buono



VRC_013 Available For Instant Download!

Wonderful things happen every day when you play with RC cars. Today, VRC_013 will make whatever day you are having better. How about over 120 pages of RC insanity packed into a tiny little file? Get an instant download and feel...
by Derek Buono


VRC_012 Wants Your Eyes to Read it!

VRC_012 is over 150 pages of pure RC you’ll fall in love with! Relive younger memories with our Retro Cell article, catch up on the latest chassis’ with 30 pages of reviews, paint a sick body with chalk, learn suspe...
by Jeff Eveleigh


VRC_011 – See what you’ve been missing for just $1.99!

Two dollars can’t get you much these days, but it can get you more RC information, how-to’s, reviews, words, pretty pictures and expert advice than you can imagine. What’s not to love about the super low price...
by Jeff Eveleigh