August 19, 2012

A Face Only A Mother Can Love – A blind mother…

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Written by: Derek Buono

Without the body on the Durango DEX210 is pretty. It’s got nice parts, well thought out design, the ability to “transform” into a mid motor car. It has a lot going for it. That all gets erased when you put the body on. Sure, you can say “but cab forward is ugly too,” but there are decent looking cab forward bodies, and there are very good looking Cab-Back (old school) bodies. This ain’t one of them. Stickers make it look better, but putting makeup and earrings on your dog doesn’t make it much better looking. The side view is by far the best looking angle, but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…this holder thinks this one stings the eyes. Thankfully, like us, we’re better looking on the inside!

We test this whip in the next issue. Send “hey the paint job is ugly too” emails to Dave. Apparently he was watching Captain America and eating a bomb pop when he got his inspiration for colors.

I also realized I am really bad at putting stickers on ugly bodies. Okay, maybe even good looking ones.

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Derek Buono
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