May 25, 2012

Buy Your First RC Car – FREE Article!

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Written by: Jeff Eveleigh

Buying your first rc car can be somewhat scary; they cost a lot of money and they are extremely technical. There are different energy sources and a ton of features- half of which you may not even know what they are or what they do. So, what questions should you ask both yourself and the guy standing behind the hobby shop counter? Read on to learn all that you should know when first starting out…….

Read the full article by clicking the link below. You’ll also get a chance to preview the platform of Velocity RC Magazine.

Buy Your First RC Car

This article about buying your first RC Car is from Velocity RC Magazine Issue #1. Other great articles in our premier issue include:

• MIP RealShocks – Bypass1
• Big Air Jump Tips
• X-Dyno is alive! Watch it. Listen to it.
• Jim Campbell Interview – the man behind Tekin

• Change connectors
• Buy your first car
• Fix servo gears
• Trouble shoot starting a nitro engine
• Painting 101
• Build a crawling course with RCSparks

• Team Associated RC8e.2
• Tamiya Volkswagen Type 2 Wheelie
• Duratax Evader Brushless
• Traxxas XO-1

• Traxxas TQi Radio
• Hitec X4 Charger
• RePlay XD1080 camera

• Your rides
• Your YouTube videos

• Editorial
• Team Babble
• News from around the industry

All this plus more video, links, humor and a picture of Jeff wearing a kids costume.

About the Author

Jeff Eveleigh
Jeff Eveleigh
Jeff Eveleigh– Founded XXX Main Racing in 1998 and changed the way the industry thought about RC car videos and graphics. Jeff has also been an integral part of the hobby for 25 years with over two decades of retail hobby store experience as well as being a leading technical editor for Xtreme RC Cars Magazine for over 10 years.



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