March 18, 2012

Duratrax Evader Brushless Update

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Written by: Derek Buono

Yes, the review of the Evader BL isn’t even out yet…it’s in our first issue! But we’re running our cars and getting to know them over time. Our “Long Term Blog” is really going to be updates on cars we are running-Tips, setups, problems, loves, hates, turtles and occasional punch in the face.

Our first updates come from Derek’s testing of the Evader BL. This fast, fun, wheelie speed machine is holding up nicely. While taking some of the electronics out for photos I noticed a few things.



crew Check – I am fairly certain that these two screws were in there when we started testing, but it’s hard to tell. Were they missing? Or did they both loosen up and fall out? If you are running an Evader be sure to do a quick “tightness check” on all your screws. I found that lots of the fasteners seemed to be almost just “hand tight.”



tiff wires – the motor/esc combo is working out just grand, but I noticed the wires seemed to be just dangling around. I re-routed them which required some careful “forcing” of the leads off the motor. They aren’t flexible and you can break them if you’re not careful. I also noticed that the connectors don’t fit as snug as they should. A quick squeeze with some pliers helped make them feel more snug.

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