April 30, 2018

RC4WD Mini Gelande II RTR Photo Contest – Send Pics and Win

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Written by: Derek Buono
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We love scalers. The build is half the fun, and getting that killer photo/video might be the other half! We are finishing our review of the 1/18-scale RC4WD Gelande II RTR’s and thought it would be a good time to see if any owners had as much fun out in the “mini” world as we did? So we are starting a contents. The winner is anybody who sends us a picture of their Gelande II RTR, but before we give away the store…

1. Submit a high resolution photo of your action (or on the couch) shot of you Gelande II RTR – ANY other model or make is not eligible sorry!!

Photos must be emailed to  DEADLINE IS May 5, 2018 @ 11.59am PST! Send it now. Work can wait.

2. Any entry is a winner (as long as it’s a Gelande II photo) and will receive a download of our amazing back issue set (30 issues of VRC Magazine est. $321,121 value)

3. 10 lucky winners will get a full subscription to the magazine which includes every back issue AND 1 full year of VRC Magazine (est value a white tiger and a giraffe) AND their photos will be featured in the review of the magazine!!!! You will be famous, or at least you can tell people you are huge on the internet….or part of it.

Facebook entries are okay (click the links to get to Facebook) but you may be asked to provide a higher resolution photo because the site compresses the images. The higher the resolution the bigger we can make your ride in the issue.

About the Author

Derek Buono
Derek Buono
Derek Buono– Started in the industry as an assistant editor at RC Car Action where he spent 2 years before being recruited by Xtreme RC Cars Magazine. For the past 10 years Derek lead Xtreme RC Cars and helped double the circulation, improved editorial quality and helped lead the market in design and creativity.



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