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Velocity RC Cars Magazine #26 – $2.99 – Download Now!

Velocity RC Cars Magazine – VRC_026 You are probably complaining about the heat. It’s summer. Soon all you fools who live where winter comes will be chest deep in snow, but for now here is the next amazing, biggest, bes...
by Derek Buono


VRC_024 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine Instant Download! Just $2.99!

An RC Car is an amazing piece of modern engineering. Fast, almost unbreakable and more affordable than ever. Yet tomorrow we can all race cars online and further become socially awkward. So get outside and interact with what ot...
by Derek Buono


VRC_009 – It’s like liquid knowledge, only digital.

VRC_009, need we say more? Ok, we will then. Now seems like a good time to download the newest bundle of electrons in the form of RC knowledge. We hammered out another packed issue with enough RC awesomeness to fulfill your add...
by Jeff Eveleigh



VRC Issue #5 Released! Get yours TODAY.

Happy New Issue! 2013 rings in with another stream of entertaining and informative electrons from Velocity RC Magazine. VRC_005 is out and ready for digital download to your PC or Mac, and also works on ANY tablet with an inter...
by Jeff Eveleigh


VRC Issue #8 is out… and Phat, I mean Fat!

Was VRC_008 worth the wait? 164 pages of RC awesomeness say it was! Available for digital download now; view it on your laptop, tablet, phone, or private stealth jet with optional sonic light-speed modulator. PC or Mac, Velocit...
by Jeff Eveleigh


VRC_010 Wants YOU To Read About RC Cars!

Another info and action packed digital issue of Velocity RC Magazine is ready to be perused for the greatest RC content on the planet. VRC_010 is full with over 140 pages of reviews, how-to’s, event coverage, tips, news, ...
by Jeff Eveleigh