We may be small but we carry a big staff. By that we mean we are fairly tall and weigh more than 140lbs each. What separates the cream of the crop is usually that fat floats on water and we are fat. With a combined experience of over 75 years in the industry, publishing, and even professional RC racing – the staff of Velocity RC Cars is what makes the magazine.

Velocity is Here……
Meet the Power Team Below

Derek Buono– Publisher, Editor and Janitor of Beer30 Media LLC. Derek has worked in the industry for 15 years and has been racing RC cars since he raced his Kyosho Big Brute (against buggies).

Jeff Eveleigh– Founded XXX Main Racing in 1998 and changed the way the industry thought about RC car videos and graphics. Jeff has also been an integral part of the hobby for 25 years with over two decades of retail hobby store experience as well as being a leading technical editor for Xtreme RC Cars Magazine for over 10 years.

Ben Piggott – Truly a jack of all trades, he is an engineer, pilot, motorcycle rider, stock trader, story teller, and international chili cook-off judge. Back in the scene after a long hiatus, he brings a fresh perspective to the exciting world of all things radio controlled.

Paul King pk
They say that behind every great man is an even better woman. If that was the case, Paul King would be one awesome woman. Thankfully for us, and for 2010 1/8 World Champ Cody King, Paul is one of the best RC mechanics on the planet. PK has been at the track and wrenching for Cody and his knowledge of engines, chassis, and traffic flow is second to none. Each issue Paul lets a little bit of that winning brain power out and Velocity RC Magazine shares it with the world.

Adam Drake drake-rideheight-1024x675 There are few drivers that command the respect of all both on and off the track like Adam Drake. He lead the way with the Losi 8IGHT revolution and dominated the gas truck scene. Now he’s spilling the beans on all that R&D knowledge as part of the Velocity RC Magazine Team.

Erich Reichert308757_2567634195854_531351868_nThe first time you meet Erich you’ll realize one thing, he is one of the noisiest people on the planet. An RC junkie for three decades, he’s worked as an editor for the last 12 years and also works as a graphic designer for companies like Pepsi, HBO and Cannondale. He’s someone’s dad, a crazed hockey fan and is the founder of the Vintage Offroad Nationals.

Brian “Skinny” Skinner” Did you know that Brian Skinner is in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame? If you didn’t he will tell you at some point when you talk to him! Skinny has been an asset to the RC community since he jumped in, and we’re very excited to have “our big man” back in RC. Skinny moon lights as an E-Cig baron, and spends more time in China than most Chinese do. But if you found his column funny, disturbing, or random enough to feel like we do about him…you’ll be glad he’s back on the RC beat.

Matt Olson – He may look 14, but Matt Olson has made a name for himself locally as a talented wheel. Matt was the “intern” at Think Omnimedia, a hobbyshop employee and gun enthusiast (that’s why we hired him). When not wheeling the local tracks Matt is in college and now works part time at M.I.P.

Dave Palacios– In Spanish his last name means “one who paints” and if you’ve been in the hobby for more than a week you’ll recognize Dave as one of the best painters around. His passion for RC delivers lots of quality articles on detailing, painting, cobbling and even some agriculture. Dave doesn’t like to stick to just racing either. Look out for lots of articles on what we call “Obscure RC.”

Brian “BK” Kinney bkfishThis ex mechanic of the Super Cross stars turned his love to RC years ago. How far did BK go? He decided while racing nitro touring cars that he needed to develop a dyno. This ground breaking design became the worlds first industry standard the X-Dyno. BK also worked at Axial designing engines and even was instrumental in the Orion CRF engine program. Currently BK designs UAVs, but his passion still is in RC. He’s just another reason why Velocity RC Magazine is leading the world in content.